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Find out how we can help you join thousands of businesses and services just like yours who attract new patients via local GP surgery publications

Six Reasons Why Practice Booklet Advertising Works:


All doctors have a statutory obligation to distribute the information contained within Practice Booklets, so you know they’re not going to sit gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.


All patients are handed a booklet when they register with the surgery, so your name and the service you provide is right there in front of new people to the area almost immediately. This gives you a competitive edge over similar services in that area.


The purpose of Practice Booklets is to advise and inform patients. Your advertisement is therefore seen as part of that advice and information.


By advertising in the surgery’s Practice Booklets, you become part of an exclusive network of local professionals who enjoy an association with the surgery upon which a healthy, long-standing rapport can be built.


As the area served by a practice is clearly defined, you can really target the area you wish to attract patients from.


The effectiveness of your advertising is significantly increased by the opportunity to appear alongside a highly informative and reassuring article about your type of service. For example, here is an opticians article...

Sight – Don’t lose it!

The gift of sight is most precious and one we need to take special care of. As with many things in life we don’t realise the importance of our sight until we begin to lose it. It is natural for eyesight to change over the years, and these changes are rarely for the better. When you consider the frightening consequences of failing vision it is amazing how many people do not bother to have their eyes checked regularly.

Your local optician does not just perform a ‘sight test’ but also tests for various disorders and minor eye problems, which means that any potential problems can be diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible stage. So it is always better to get your eyes fully checked by a qualified optician rather than purchase over the counter spectacles, which are available without the need for an eye test.

Opticians usually have a wide selection of spectacles and contact lenses and are happy to advise on the best solution for you. For instance, disposable contact lenses may be the ideal answer for spectacle wearers who want the freedom of lenses for occasional use or to wear for a day then throw away.

An eye examination is completely painless and includes a discussion about any history and symptoms you may have and a check of any glasses or contact lenses you may already be wearing. So don’t take unnecessary risks with your eyesight – one of the greatest gifts you possess. If you have not visited your local optician for some time, or have any concerns regarding your vision, contact them today.

If you prefer, your business or service can be the subject of your very own 250-word article. We would place your highly informative and interesting text about who you are, what you do and how well you do it, alongside your advert.

Alternatively, you can use the space available to enhance your advertisement with testimonials from some of your satisfied customers.

Our advert design and article writing services are both available at no extra charge.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you attract more patients

Contact us today to find out how we can help you attract more patients

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Since 1990, Neighbourhood Direct Ltd have been publishing practice booklets and appointment cards for GP surgeries throughout the UK and Ireland. Our practice booklets feature prominent advertisements for local businesses, providing an ideal opportunity for health-related businesses to put their message in front of local GP patients.

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“Thank you once again, this time for helping us secure advertising space in the Church Street Surgery Publications. Our referrals have increased from all the practices with which we advertise, and I know your service is equally valued by the patients and GP practices.”

Business Development Manager - The Rivers Hospital, Sawbridgworth.

“I am so pleased with the whole thing; words can not express how I feel. Many, many thanks to you all for a job well done. You are the best.”

Maggie Russell, Aromatherapist - Poole

"I have promoted my company’s care services through Neighbourhood Direct Ltd’s doctors’ practice booklets, appointment cards and websites for more than 10 years. These highly-targeted publications enable me to convey my sales message to the right people within the community and at the appropriate time.

Each advertising package I acquire generates a regular and continuous supply of good quality leads from the surgery’s patients and raises the profile of my company and its services within the surgery itself.

I find this advertising service excellent value for money and Neighbourhood Direct Ltd to be a thoroughly-professional company who deliver what they promise."

Richard Thorogood, Managing Director -
Two Counties Community Care Ltd.

“Our advertising campaign has really helped draw attention to the symptoms of diabetes, and your Practice Booklets have been a particularly effective way of reaching our target audience.”

Advertising Director - British Diabetic Assn.